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OverBoard 30 Litre Pro Vis Waterproof Backpack

Be seen day or night with the 100% waterproof high visibility Pro-Vis backpack. Perfect for water sports and all types of activities, including cycling, the high visibility yellow 30 Litre Pro-Vis Backpack protects your gear from water, sand, dirt and dust. whilst keeping you visible and safe.

Thanks to a unique seamless construction and a simple roll-top sealing system, this backpack is 100% waterproof and suitable for quick submersion so you can take it out on the water.

We've stuffed this waterproof bag full of handy features too, like an LED light attachment loop, large internal zip pocket (no more rooting around for keys!), elasticated front webbing and more - just take a look below at the full list.

  • Roll-top 100% waterproof backpack - Class 3 - IP66
  • High Visibility PVC tarpaulin so can be seen day or night
  • Floats safely if dropped in water
  • super tough material on side and base
  • Protects contents from dust, sand, dirt and water
  • High Frequency' welded construction
  • Ventilated back panel with air-flow design
  • Comfortable and buoyant light-weight straps with ventilation system
  • Adjustable waist strap and sternum strap with emergency whistle buckle
  • 2 x Reflective strips on the front and both shoulder straps
  • D-rings for multiple attachment options
  • Quick release elasticated webbing
  • Internal zip accessories pocket - H: 25cm x W: 21cm
  • 2 x Large outer elasticated mesh side pocket
  • Top carry handle
  • LED light attachment loop
  • Height: 49.5cm/19.5in
  • Width: 34cm/13.5in
  • Depth: 16.5cm/6.5in
  • Capacity: 30 Litres
  • Weight: 1.1Kg


Overall it's a great bag with only one small issue. The material on the front and back is durable. However, on the side it's just tearing apart (look at the pictures), I had this bag for just under one year , but doesn't seem like it will make it to two.I had to sew one of the corners of the bag already, so I can carry on using it.For this price I was expecting a bit longer life, which could easily be achievable by changing the side material to the same as the front and the back.If Overboard could solve this, I would definitely buy the bag again, but as long as it stays the same it's just not worth the price they ask for.
Highly visible, large capacity, comfortable, fully waterproof, good value for money.
This is a great kit bag - lots of space, highly visible if it gets into the water and if filled with air capable of floating on the surface of the sea. 30L is a lot of space and I look to filling it for our forthcoming swim across the Cook Strait next year. It has a great internal pocket for phones and things that need to be kept dry.
Well made robust item!
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